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Recovering from Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a routine procedure for ophthalmologists across the world. The information given in this article highlights the broad guidelines for people recovering from cataract surgery.

Expectations after Surgery‚Äč


Though there are no visible scarring there can be some redness in the white of the eye. There can also be some bruising around the eye.


Stitches are sometimes used in modern cataract surgery, although the vast majority of phacoemulsification procedures are sutureless (no-stitch). If used, they are removed between 6 weeks to 3 months after cataract surgery and normally they don't cause any irritation.

Dressings and Discomfort

Patients may go home with a shield or eye pad. It can be removed after the first hour. However, some patients prefer to keep it until the next morning and it is important to wear the shield for the first week at night.


Vision improves from the second day. There might be some misting or blurring in the eye but this improves with time. Cataract surgery is a highly safe procedure and vision improves a great deal after surgery. If patients feel that their vision is more blurred after surgery, then they must immediately consult their respective doctor.

Since the body is under a healing process, it is natural to feel tired than normal. Patients must avoid swimming for some time as advised by their surgeon to reduce the risk of infection. While cycling, it is important to wear sunglasses to reduce the impact of dust.

Returning to Work

Everyone needs time to recover post operation. However, too much rest can hamper in the way of getting normal. Every patient recovers differently and cataract surgery normally has a quick recovery time. Most patients will return to work immediately.

Planning Return

Patients must talk to their surgeon, nurse or GP to work out when is the best time to return to work. Depending on the nature of work, it is important to ensure safety. It will take some time to regain full confidence before returning to work. Patients must not put too much pressure on themselves.

Before resuming driving, patients must fully recover from surgery. Patients willing to drive must be comfortable in the driving position and should be safely able to control the car and perform an emergency stop.

Keeping well after surgery

A patient will know much better about the condition of his/her eye after surgery and its working. Small changes in lifestyle help in quick recovery. A balanced diet coupled with exercise helps in the recovery process.

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Posted on 13 October, 2016