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Cardiologist in London East

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A. Taneja


General Medicine,  Echo,  Heart Failure,  Hypertension,  Dyslipidaemia,  Chest pain,  Breathlessness,  Palpitations,  Syncope,  Arrhythmias

Neuro Surgeon in London East

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John Yeh

Neuro Surgeon

Neck pain,  Back pain,  Spinal pain,  Sciatica,  Lower limb pain,  Upper limb pain,  Limb pain,  Limb pain,  Spinal injection therapy,  Osteoporotic spinal fractures,  Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty,  Spinal degenerative conditions,  Spinal trauma and injuries,  Keyhole spinal surgery,  Minimally invasive spinal surgery,  Spinal microsurgery,  Spinal disc surgery,  Spinal artificial disc surgery,  Spinal surgery for trapped nerves,  Spinal microsurgery,  Spinal decompression surgery,  Spinal fusion surgery,  Spinal interspinous device surgery,  Spinal interspinous device surgery,  Spinal stabilization surgery,  Laser disc surgery

Primary Practice Address:
The London Independent Hospital, 1 Beaumont Square, London E1 4NL


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